When has why nICHT? been founded?
We are publishing our magazine since 2014. We kept on growing ever since : more stories to tell, more illustrations to share, more young talents to reveal, more international readers and contributors to reach out. Latest step in our development : our latest issue «Sci-Fi Time» is available on several online stores.

Are you on social media?
We certainly are!
Facebook: whynICHt?
Instagram: whynICHt?
Twitter: whynICHt?

I want to send you a text that has already been published somewhere else. Does that mean I can’t send it in?
That isn’t a problem, as long as you give us permission to print it and tell us where it has previously been published. You should also own the copyright to the text, or get permission from the previous publication.

I’m a first-time writer, and I’m not sure whether my texts are any good. Should I send them in anyway?
Absolutely! A lot of authors we’ve published sent us their first pieces, and as long as they fit the theme, we are happy to have a look at them. Even if they do not make it into the magazine, we encourage you to keep writing and try again. Nobody deserves to be shamed out of writing.

Okay, so I wrote my text, proofread it and want to send it – what now?
Convert the text into .doc or .docx format and add a little information about yourself with official permission that we can publish your texts. Name the file Title_Author.docx, i.e. Anthem_AynRand.docx If you use a .pdf file, Alice will curse you for all eternity! Okay, not really – but please, no .pdf files.

Can I use a pseudonym?
Sure, we can publish you under a pseudonym. However, we also need to know your real name, just for internal purposes. Please make sure to use your pseudonym in the filename, not your real name.

I’m interested in an internship for editing/illustrating. Where can I hand in my application?
Since our magazine has its home in Vienna, we would ideally need you there. You can apply here but should keep in mind that the internships are not paid! However, we’d be happy to take a look at your resume and see if you can help the collection.

I’d like to suggest a theme – can I do that?
Sure, knock yourself out: Suggest a theme!

My piece has been published in whynICHt? but there’s a mistake in it. Whom can I contact?
Unfortunately, mistakes happen. You can contact us via e-mail and we’ll apologise for them.

I have seen that you insert paintings and coloured images in the collection – can I send you one?
Of course!

I would like to sell your magazine in my store. Who can I turn to?
It would be best to contact our Editor In-Chief via email. To make sure she sees it, please put „To the Editor In-Chief“ in the subject line.

I also have a Twitter account, can you give me a shoutout?
Of course! Just add your account name in the e-mail!

I want to publish a piece in your magazine, but I don’t want to be quoted on either Facebook or Twitter.
No problemito, stating that in the e-mail would be great.

I really want to buy a magazine (current or older edition), but I’m not in Vienna. What do I do?
Contact us either via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail!

When does whynICHt appear in stores?
We publish whynICHt semi-annually, in Spring and Autumn. The dates are a little flexible and change from issue to issue.

I missed the deadline! What should I do?
We’re very sorry, but due to our editing and printing process, we cannot accept submissions handed in after the deadline. But there’s always next time: you could submit your piece for the next issue.

I have a question that hasn’t been dealt with here – what do I do?
Write us an e-mail! For the most part, we will reply as soon as possible.