Announcing Why nICHt issue #11: „Once Upon a Time“

Once upon a time there was
A brave princess and an evil knight …
A gang of friends and a stolen bottle of tequila…
An ancient beast and a dying poet…
A runaway boarding a doomed ship…

Once upon a time you wove a story so moving the trees wept and the stones groaned.

Words that echo an invitation: „Once upon a time.“

Why nICHt has reached issue eleven, and we’re looking for your submissions!

Prose, poems, art, word salad, essays – we’re open to anything, as long as it’s inspired by this issue’s theme: „Once Upon a Time“. We publish work in English, French and German, and sometimes translate work from Russian.

Send your work to We look forward to it!

SCI-FI TIME is now available!

Imagining time and space

Utopias and dystopias

Cybernetic and Post-human

The intergalactic and interpersonal
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Why nICHt? is a seasonal collection of words and images. We typically publish poetry, short prose and translations, in English, German and French. We also include illustrations and images. These images are important for the reception of the magazine in its entirety, as each image conveys something important about the text.

Why nICHt? encourages submissions from all categories of contributors, including those with no publication experience. The collection also offers editorial internships, particularly to the students of comparative literature at the University of Vienna.